Good night, welcome to Murray's Fair Hair

groene kapper, natuurlijk haarverzorging, kapsalon,weimarstraat 42a, Den Haag
Murray's Fair Hair is an organic and natural hairdressing salon in The Hague.
We use products where 100% of the raw ingredients are organic, whether it is the shampoos hair colourings or styling products.

These products have organic certification from the inspection bodies of the highest standards, EcoCert and the German BDIH.

Murray's Fair Hair is moving to a new location!

Moving date and our new address:

As of 01 july 2018 our new address is:
Oostdorperweg 200

What can Murray's Fair Hair do for you?

groene kapper, natuurlijk haarverzorging, kapsalon, weimarstraat 42a, Den Haag

Cut and style

A style which works best for you is what I aim for. This means considering a style suitable for your type of hair, shape of your face and your lifestyle whilst taking into account the latest hair trends and the most recent developments in organic hair products. A good consultation with you is important. We will take the time to discuss the cut and how you can maintain this style at home with easy styling techniques.

Hair colour

We will discuss the requirements of your hair and I will give you honest advice on the possible colours for your hair. At Murray's Fair Hair we do not perm or bleach hair as this can only be done using chemical products. We use only the gentlest and most effective hair colouring techniques for your hair.

Murray's Fair Hair is:

all about giving your hair the most natural treatment possible and therefore improve its condition. My passion is to combine caring for your hair and for the environment!